Katy Magrane

Digital Product Specialist

I’m Katy Magrane and for over 15 years, my job has been working with clients to figure out what they really want from their business, and to identify the fastest, most cost-effective way to get there.

My expertise enables me to flag obstacles and spot untapped opportunities to help businesses nail their market and max out their potential.  I strive to coach effective teams, positioning them to successfully execute against their plans in pursuit of business goals.

Why “dothethings”?

An odd name for a digital business consultancy, but let me explain…

I realised over the years that just ‘getting things done’ wasn’t necessarily getting my employers where they needed to be. Delivering “all the things” was nowhere near as important as delivering “the right thing at the right time”. They’d often spent a shed load of money, time and resource on “all the things”, only to wind up destroying their margins and underperforming.

At the Financial Times, I took on the role of Senior Product Manager for the first time, where I could focus on delivering value, rather than delivering stuff just for the sake of it.

Now, having worked both in-house and as a consultant with lots of different businesses, that’s the key message I take to clients.

Often they start out telling me they want to build something: an app, a website, a process, a system. Ultimately, though, what they actually want is to generate growth, or to handle growth better, or to future-proof their business, or to deal with environmental change.

Once we work together to define what value looks like, we can focus on pursuing that value, rather than being distracted by building complex stuff that may or may not get us there.

The things you and I will do:

  • Ask the tough questions
  • Generate momentum
  • Embrace change
  • Foster agility
  • Learn fast
  • Work through the ambiguity

More about what I do here

Things they say

It can be tough to hear that things aren’t necessarily as they seem, but committing to the process of testing our assumptions and being open to the outcomes has put us in a far more competitive position for the future.

Strategy Director

We thought it was about rebuilding our website, but Katy drew a direct line between our daily activity and client lifetime value, showing that while new clients are important, repeat value from existing clients would be more so.

Head of Production

Katy quickly brought to bear clear focus, themes and objectives based on sound empirical data, enabling the business to understand what was worth spending time on.

Agile Coach

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