Things I’ve done

For a UK ground risk assessment firm

This very young, exciting company had secured their first round of funding and needed to focus and articulate what they planned to do next to reach their potential and continue disrupting their industry.

After carrying out a capability assessment for their investors, I ran workshops to define success metrics and to produce a vision, strategy and roadmap, so that they could articulate their direction and goals.

We collaborated to design their new product suite and I profiled recommended resources and delivered coaching to help them execute their plans as efficiently as possible.

For a US spy museum

This team of elite sector specialists were working alongside some incredible resources, including British Intelligence and the CIA to craft a creative, interactive, immersive experience for museum goers.

But they needed to deliver against a tight deadline to launch, so I helped them prioritise and streamline their planned work for maximum ROI, stripping out non-essential tasks without sacrificing the slick, stylish feel of their campaign to create intrigue and attract visitors.

For a smartphone manufacturer with 20%+ of the global market

In response to changes in the screen size and shape, I challenged them to revisit who was buying their new handset, and we worked to research customers and redesign the user experience of the phone’s preloaded apps to make best use of the newly available space according to research into their core customers’ needs.

We exploited the change in dimensions to create the most immersive user experience possible, supporting their various wins in the “Best Smartphone” category that year.

For a health app company

I guided them to identify and evaluate an opportunity in corporate partnerships – the proposition we worked together to define would help them grow their user-base fast and, importantly, help employers better support the wellness of their staff.

Algorithms could be used to drive a scorecard system for employers as they strove to attract and retain talent through excellent staff care.

For a tax refund claims business

My process review highlighted that dealing with customer claims was a significant bottleneck, so we made the processes less complex and clunky, reducing waste and duplication and speeding up the service.

By undertaking user experience research, I was able to flag that real time feedback to the customer about the status of their claims would eliminate masses of inbound call traffic and so set about reengineering the process and supporting systems. Implementing lifecycle marketing in tandem with the process changes drove an ongoing relationship with customers, unlocking exponentially more value in the client database.

For an AI stylist app

This product started life as a very woolly idea!
I workshopped, tested and defined the proposition with the team, before helping them to prototype it and begin growing the customer base.

I ran Design Sprints to generate designs and applied the “Disciplined Entrepreneurship” methodology to nail the product vision, incorporating several pivots to ensure the product being built would be commercially viable and fit for purpose.

For a personal training and wellbeing business

By advising and supporting them to replicate elements of their proposition online, I helped move the business beyond profit being tied to billable man hours.

Offering a tiered digital membership unlocked revenue without the need for increasing personnel costs, extending the reach and life of video content, as it became its own revenue line for the business.

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Things they say

It can be tough to hear that things aren’t necessarily as they seem, but committing to the process of testing our assumptions and being open to the outcomes has put us in a far more competitive position for the future.

Strategy Director

We thought it was about rebuilding our website, but Katy drew a direct line between our daily activity and client lifetime value, showing that while new clients are important, repeat value from existing clients would be more so.

Head of Production

Katy quickly brought to bear clear focus, themes and objectives based on sound empirical data, enabling the business to understand what was worth spending time on.

Agile Coach

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