Things they say

Katy worked with members of our team to identify what success was for us, then designed and executed a cycle of testing to challenge some of our most tightly held hypotheses.

It can be tough to hear that things aren’t always as they seem, but committing to the process and being open to the outcomes has put us in a far more competitive position for the future.

Strategy Director

Katy has boundless energy for finding creative ways to get things done.

She is results focused but seeks to take her team with her, creating a platform from which to move forward in a collaborative, informed, considered way.

She makes the complex explainable and is dedicated to empowering teams to do better, taking a genuinely holistic view of what ‘better’ means,

She’s engaged and courageous, jumping into our businesses with both feet, fully committed and willing to share her expertise and learn ours.

Head of Operations

We thought it was about rebuilding our website, but Katy drew a direct line between our daily activity and client lifetime value.

It showed that that while updating the website was important, both for new client acquisition and brand building, more efficiently servicing existing clients to drive up repeat value would be more important if the goal was to grow our business fast and sustain a larger client base.

Head of Production

Katy quickly brought to bear clear focus, themes and objectives based on sound empirical and statistical evidence, enabling the business to understand what was worth spending time on.

Katy is excellent at co-ordinating with stakeholders and bringing all the strands together, clearly and passionately setting out a vision which captures the imagination. I found Katy to be a pleasure to work with combining intelligence, hard work and good humour at all times!

Agile Coach

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